Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Our New Place

We've been in Kenosha Wisconsin for over a year now. When we first moved here, we wanted to rent a house. We thought it would be a good idea financially to have a roommate, and it was (thanks Tyler). We also really liked the idea of having a place for people to gather, maybe for meetings or Growth Groups. What we didn't plan for, was having a 60-foot driveway to shovel in -30 degree blizzards at 6am. Also, we didn't really take into consideration that neither Michelle or myself are green thumb types, and both dislike to be either A) pushing a lawnmower around or B) on our hands and knees in the dirt pulling up plants that look like they're not supposed to be there.

So, after a year of that, we made the decision and the move back to apartment living... and guess what... we really like it. Our new place is on the top floor and in the corner (so my office has a ton of light and a sudo-view). We had to downsize our kitchen a bit, but we gained a room out of the move too. Now we have a room just for Baby P and a room just for Daddy P and a bedroom with a huge closet for Mommy P. My office has hardwood floors and a built in desk (which I don't use, but it's nice to put printers and scanners on).

When the snow hits, which it's a bit late compared to last year, we'll not have to shovel one bit. We have underground heated parking, so Michelle doesn't have to expose her prego belly to the cold. All in all, it was a good move for us.

What else is going on... well, Michelle and I are leading a Growth Group at Dave's parents house... we're reading The Shack. It's a pretty big group, 16 on a regular basis. There is a lot of great discussion happening in the group. If you haven't already looked into it, I suggest reading The Shack by William P. Young. I've read it twice now, and think you'll enjoy it whether you're a long time Christian or not a Christian at all. A lot of really good questions get asked, and some interesting point of views are suggested. It's not scripture, so don't read it with anger about the inaccuracies of what you believe to be truth. Instead, just read it as a good story and one man's interesting perspective on what God might say about tough issues.

In other news, Michelle is eight months pregnant. She's about to pop, so I don't tickle her like I used to, in fear of bursting that belly like a water balloon. We have a crib now... given to us by our friends the George's. We also have a changing table (really it's a dresser from Ikea with a changing pad on top) and a ton of little baby-needs. The dresser was kind of a fun project. We're going for a wimsical bird and tree theme, and we found these great knobs from Anthropology... so we got the yellow dresser from Ikea and put different knobs on all the drawers. A few of the ladies from church threw Michelle a shower and had a great idea... anyone who brought a pack of diapers got their name in a raffle... so guess what, we got diapers. Pretty cool cuz they're all different types, so now we can try them out and see which we like best.

I still have to get the car seat and the rocking chair and the baby monitor, but it feels like Baby P's room is getting more and more complete by the week.

I'm excited.

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Mrs. Butler said...

send a close up of the cute knobs on Baby P' dresser....sounds very cute.