Monday, May 4, 2009

GLC First Worship Night

This past Sunday was Great Lakes' very first Worship Night ever. For those of you who're not familiar with what that is, it's an hour-and-a-half gathering of our church family to worship God with music and dedication and baptism. The evening started at 6pm and we played through a few rockin' songs before Child Dedications started. Eight family's chose to dedicate their children and the stage was full of parents and their kids... very cool!

We followed that up with a few more songs and then started baptisms. That was really amazing... just knowing some of the stories behind the people, and then watching them making that next step was a powerful site... all the while, playing Son of God and our new song for the evening He Loves Us. Also, our friend and roomie Tyler was in the tank with Dave baptizing... sooo cool.

It was fun for me to get off the mic for a little while as Christian, our lead guitarist, stepped up and led a few songs. Later on in the evening Julia led Lead Me To The Cross and she did awesome. There was a funny happenstance in the middle tho, the plan was for me to start Sweetly Broken alone while the rest of the group received communion... but I didn't communicate that I wished for them to come up and join in to finish off the song. So I ended up looping a few verses thinking they were just in the back of the communion line, but then I looked out while leading and saw all of them just sitting together watching me... I couldn't exactly say on the mic "hey guys, wanna come back up here now and save me?" So I did the whole song alone. It wasn't planned, but I think it turned out pretty cool.

It was a long day... waking at 6am... doing the church thing from 7am till noon... going home and preparing for Worship Night... meeting the setup team at the venue at 3pm (no time for a nap)... and leaving there at about 7:30pm... I can honestly say I was BEAT! But the funny thing is, I had such a great and energetic day. It seemed as tho there were some external source feeding me the energy I needed to pull off a day like that... huh... funny... wonder what that might have been? :)

Swap | Skate | Connect

Eden’s Swap Party

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a Swap Party. If you’ve never been to, or heard of, a Swap Party, well – neither had I. I was simply invited to come, bring a few items (clothes, purses, jewelry, shoes) that were gently used and trade them with someone else. Not really sure what I would be getting into here, I brought a few things and showed up to my friend Eden’s home a little early. She was very organized, there were appetizers & drinks, and a lot of women I’d never met. It was great. I scored a beautiful purse and a couple of new pairs of sandals and had a total blast. Aside from the creative idea and the fun women I got to meet, there was something completely hilarious to me about this party that set it a part from most parties I have ever been to – the Kenosha News showed up! That’s right THE NEWS! I don’t know why it was so funny to me, but I guess it was a great local story. Here’s a link to the article. I’m actually quoted in it, which is kind of fun.

Great Lakes Skate!

As many of you know, we are still a month away from launching Growth Groups at Great Lakes Church. In the mean time, we’ve decided to have at least one “Connect Event” each month in an attempt to help people, well, you know, connect. The most recent event was a Family Connect Event we called Great Lakes Skate! We were able to rent out an entire skating rink, serve a pizza & soda buffet, and allow kids under 13 to enter for FREE! It was a hit! People were out there doing the Hokey Pokey, teaching their kids to skate for the first time, and meeting new people. After a while, someone even managed to convince Dave to put on a pair of skates himself. We had over 150 people come, and we’re sure they won’t soon forget it. Almost no one was too cool to skate!

Usher Game Night

Last month, Tyler became completely in charge of the Usher Team. Good move for us, he really has this Usher & Auditorium thing down and the 3-5’s room turned out not to be a big enough challenge for him. Of course, one of the first orders of business was to throw a party for all the Ushers. Tony and I were invited, even though I’m listed as a “back up” on the Usher Team, and we were so glad to be there. A lot of the Ushers were meeting each other for the first time as they serve at different services. Tyler thanked everyone for their hard work and then let the Cranium Throw Down begin. It’s hard to remember the outcome of the game, but I may have walked away as the MVP… we’ll leave that up to the critics.

Info Table Fiesta

It just so happens that all five of the teammates that cover the Info Table are ladies. Of course we had to have a Ladies Night Out/Fiesta to get to know each other and hang out. AnnaLisa is in charge of this team. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned to you all before that she really was the first person I was able to connect with when Tony and I moved here. She is Dave’s sister-in-law, married to his oldest brother, and she is THE BEST! She welcomed me from the start and we shared our first meal out together over Chinese food. She is so easy to talk to and laugh with and I feel blessed to have her. Anyway, it’s no wonder with personality and charm like hers that she attracts great women onto the team. Karri, another team member, offered to host. Beth and our newest teammate Jeannette, rounded out the night. We had BeerGaritas, Guacamole, Warm Queso, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and candy from a sombrero of course. I was delighted to share stories and get to know these incredible women and then to end the night with – what else – Mexican Train Dominoes.

It’s been a great month of connecting all around. I’ve heard the Parking Team got together at Buffalo Wild Wings for some beers, wings, and games one night. That must have been trouble. I’ve also heard countless other stories of people having each other over for dinner, scheduling lunch and play dates with their kids, heading out to the movies, and all sorts of other fun. Our hope and prayer of people connecting and getting to know each other at GLC is well under way and we are that much more exited for Growth Groups to begin next month.