About Us...

We are Tony and Michelle Peterson. We didn’t invent anything, we’ve never written any books, nobody has ever invited us to speak at a conference. We are both college drop-outs with no seminary education or training. We met in a bar in 2001, not in a Bible study or at church. We are a couple of ordinary people who’ve been given extraordinary opportunities. We just said “Yes, we’ll do it!” when we were asked if we would move from Kirkland, WA to Kenosha, WI – a place we’d never heard of – to help launch a new church.

That “new church” is Great Lakes Church, which launched publicly in February, 2009. As of December 2010, we have grown to roughly 1,000 people in our weekend attendance!

We do what we are passionate about.
We do what is needed.
For Tony, it is:
     Leading others in musical worship experiences
     (I prefer playing electric guitar over singing & leading)
     Designing print and motion graphics
     Filming, editing, & animating videos
     Developing new marketing ideas – “Evangelism” for you church folks
     Watching countless tutorials, striving to learn new ways to do all of the above
For Michelle, it is:
     Searching for and building up leaders
     Coordinating Growth Groups
     Creating and refining people systems
     Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up
     Helping people plug into volunteering
     Develop welcoming atmospheres
     Removing barriers that are confusing to “outsiders”

Oh yeah, we are also parents as of January 22nd, 2010 to an amazing little girl named Claire.