Monday, May 4, 2009

GLC First Worship Night

This past Sunday was Great Lakes' very first Worship Night ever. For those of you who're not familiar with what that is, it's an hour-and-a-half gathering of our church family to worship God with music and dedication and baptism. The evening started at 6pm and we played through a few rockin' songs before Child Dedications started. Eight family's chose to dedicate their children and the stage was full of parents and their kids... very cool!

We followed that up with a few more songs and then started baptisms. That was really amazing... just knowing some of the stories behind the people, and then watching them making that next step was a powerful site... all the while, playing Son of God and our new song for the evening He Loves Us. Also, our friend and roomie Tyler was in the tank with Dave baptizing... sooo cool.

It was fun for me to get off the mic for a little while as Christian, our lead guitarist, stepped up and led a few songs. Later on in the evening Julia led Lead Me To The Cross and she did awesome. There was a funny happenstance in the middle tho, the plan was for me to start Sweetly Broken alone while the rest of the group received communion... but I didn't communicate that I wished for them to come up and join in to finish off the song. So I ended up looping a few verses thinking they were just in the back of the communion line, but then I looked out while leading and saw all of them just sitting together watching me... I couldn't exactly say on the mic "hey guys, wanna come back up here now and save me?" So I did the whole song alone. It wasn't planned, but I think it turned out pretty cool.

It was a long day... waking at 6am... doing the church thing from 7am till noon... going home and preparing for Worship Night... meeting the setup team at the venue at 3pm (no time for a nap)... and leaving there at about 7:30pm... I can honestly say I was BEAT! But the funny thing is, I had such a great and energetic day. It seemed as tho there were some external source feeding me the energy I needed to pull off a day like that... huh... funny... wonder what that might have been? :)

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Jessica said...

So very cool. You guys did great playing that night - I loved hearing Christian and Julia too. And dude, when you did Sweetly Broken I def cried. I love love love that song, and you were great at it!!! Don't worry about the mix up, it was awesome. I took a (very low quality) video of it from my pew in the back haha. It's on my blog.

I'm so happy I'm finally baptized... I'd been waiting almost a year to find a church I could connect with and to get baptized there. You guys all rock!