Friday, July 31, 2009

Geekfest 2009

A few weeks ago I was privy to be a part of the "Guru's of Tech Conference" in Louisville Kentucky. It's a conference for church employees and volunteers in media ministry. Southeast Christian Church hosted it in their new state of the art youth building they call "The Block". Though this facility was WAY out of Great Lakes league, it was amazing to be a part of. It was three days of inspiration, how-to, demonstration, and meet-n-greet. Dave's brother Mark Nelson made the trip with me. It was so great for both of us to be there but I think more so for Mark. He's an engineer for Rockwell and our FOH (Front of House) Sound Engineer Team Lead. Though he's only been behind a soundboard a handful of times in his life, he is BY FAR the most fitted person for that volunteer position.

Back when GLC was started, our team of volunteers stepped up and said "I'll do whatever" and so we put people where we saw a fit and had a need. Mark ended up on the soundboard out of a need, but he's transformed that team into something it would otherwise be a year from now. His knowledge of electrical currents and signals has directly translated over to the sound world (and rather fluidly). He's the kind of guy who says "voltage" or "sound pressure levels" or "impedance" or "frequency spectrum" every time he opens his mouth.

Most of that stuff I really don't get... and most of his questions I answer with "Um... you should Google that". So for him, this Guru Conference was exactly what the doctor ordered. I'd love to read a blog from his perspective, but I think he was taking notes every minute. Just a random one-on-one conversation, he would part from, digging in his bag for his notebook to write notes down.

lol... this just came to mind. We're having issues hearing our keyboards on Sunday morning. I propose Mark a question and a possible solution... and he responds (no joke) with a link HERE. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?

Back to the conference...
We drove there (6.5 hours) and stayed in a hotel about 400 feet from the church. We were able to do all this cuz the conference WAS FREE!!! How awesome is that! You can bet I'll be going again next year. I learned a lot about software I use, about switching over to HD (which GLC is already faking), and about streaming to multiple venues (which GLC will be doing in the fall). It's an exciting time, and any know-how I can pickup is like gold.

Since then, (crap, I just dropped a chip on the carpet and backed up to pick it up, and rolled over it, grounding it into powder in my carpet)... anyway, since the conference a lot has happened. Our friends the Grays from Seattle just moved into town. They live about three maybe four blocks from us and we've been chillin with them a lot. We've taught them the REAL way to play Mexican Train Dominoes, and they've taught us Phase 9.

Gabe Gray is going to help out on Marks team (FOH Engineer) and has already proven to be worth his weight in bacon. Dave's been in Seattle, but Michelle and I thought we'd still have our Tuesday staff meeting without him... so we invited the Grays to attend. Their insight was SUPER helpful and some of it was very easy to implement type stuff, so we will, this Sunday.

In other news, it's August, and in about 20 days our friend and roomie Tyler is going to get married, and we're flying out to Seattle to be there. We miss Seattle and are STOKED to come home for a little visit.

I'll stop writing now cuz I know Michelle want's to post as well, and I don't want to take all the good stuff.

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