Tuesday, February 24, 2009


... is amazing!

We met in a bar (like normal people do). She came to see my band perform and from then on we were friends. She just stood out to me... in a sea of faces and intentions, hers really connected to me. There was something different, something special about this one, but I didn't really know what. The truth is, I was in a long term relationship when I met her, and the closest I could get to Michelle was as a friend.

In that atmosphere (the club), you can so easily get lost in the hype and moment of it all that 8 hours just flies by... but when Michelle was there, things slowed down a bit for me. Then, one day, she was gone.

The rumor was that she was "dating Jesus" and broke up with the band photographer cuz of it... and that was that for the rest of the guys... just another fan moving on... but I was hopeful for a return.

Days turned into weeks turned into months. Then, at The Central Saloon in Pioneer Square, there she was. She came back.

NOW she was the "weird christian" girl... overly nice... obnoxiously comfortable to be around... and that was that for the rest of the guys. But I wasn't just going to let that be that.

I asked her about the rumor, and she told me that it was basically true. There began my path back to a life worth living. My other relationship ended, and Michelle and I started to date. I was going to Catholic Mass at the time and she had her church, so we would go back and forth. We were invited to attend a preview service at EastLake Community Church by a friend... did... and fell in love enough to spend 4 years there, be employed, and launch a church identical to it out in Wisconsin.
Talk about a nut shell... but that's not what makes her amazing.

She's not supposed to be launching a church, she's supposed to be selfish and inward seeking. She's not supposed to be kind, she's supposed to be bitter and rightfully so. She's not supposed to be in love with God, she's supposed to hate Him and hold Him accountable and curse Him and live life with regret and remorse and self pitty.
But she doesn't...

God has done a great work in Michelle, and I am honored to be here to witness it everyday.

Great Lakes Church: Michelle Testimony from Tony Peterson on Vimeo.

This was the video testimony we showed this past weekend at Great Lakes Church. It had an amazing effect on everybody. If you've already watched it you know the power of Michelle's story... and that power is being used for Gods glory. Dave (watery eyed and sniffling after the video played) said it best...

"Michelle is a trophy of Gods grace"


Heidi said...

Michelle.. you are beautiful and I am as I always say, HONORED, to know you and be your friend. I love you so much.and I am so proud of you. I miss you.

Paulette George said...


100% pure truth.....you are a trophy of God's grace. Love it! Thank you for telling me about this blog. I loved reading every letter of it. The honesty and faith shines through. I'm glad you and Toni came to Kenosha! Looking forward to seeing you again and sharing more with you!

Jessica said...

That video was incredible, Michelle... I don't believe I ever had a chance to tell you that. So open and honest. I was very moved and it really pushed me to seek out learning to forgive the wrongs that have been done to me. Not there yet, but certain things in my life have already improved drastically. Thank you for letting the Lord speak to me through you!! I hope to get to know you and Tony better as GLC grows! :)