Monday, September 29, 2008

Kenosha vs. Kirkland

We were wondering, and we thought you might be wondering, what are the real differences between the home we’re leaving and the home we’re headed to. Since we leave tomorrow morning, let’s see what we can find out…

ROUND 1 - Population
Kirkland: 45,740
Kenosha: 96,240
Kenosha knocks Kirkland out in 40 seconds with more than double the population. Who could have expected that?

ROUND 2 - Geography
Kirkland: Borders Lake Washington
Kenosha: Borders Lake Michigan
Kenosha the clear winner of that round. Lake Michigan is WAY bigger, colder, and more famous than Lake Washington!

ROUND 3 - Google Fight!
Kirkland: 14,500,000
Kenosha: 7,360,000
Kenosha slips as Kirkland triple punches Kenosha in the jaw...

After three rounds, Kenosha is the clear winner. We can't wait to get there and find out if it's true.


Colleen said...

Hope you packed your long johns! :)

Noel said...

Somehow, I think you've skewed the competition in favor of Kenosha. Not saying that's wrong, I'm just sayin'...

george, danielle and kingston said...

ROUND 4 - The Peterson's
Kirkland: No Peterson's
Kenosha: Peterson's
Aw Man...Kenosha wins again!